Social media handles have the power to make or shatter an individual’s online presence. When it comes to online marketing, choosing the proper one should be an important component of the formation of every business. But, what are social media handles, and should they be the same across all accounts?

What Are the Different Types of Social Media Handles?

A public username used on social media accounts is referred to as a social media handle. It’s the username followed by a @ sign on sites like Twitter and Instagram, such as @guardian or @BBC.

When someone visits your profile on Facebook, though, it’s the username that appears after in the address bar. If your name is Mary Smith, for example, your Facebook address may be People can’t use it to look for you on Facebook because it’s a direct link to your profile. It must be put into the address bar immediately. That’s why some people argue that on Facebook, there is no such thing as a handle, only a Facebook username.

Finding the correct social media handle should be one of the first things you do after deciding what your business will be about, whether you want to become a social media influencer or establish a business. A social media tracker can help you determine whether or not the social handle you want is already in use. Should they, however, match on all of their social media accounts?

Is it necessary for my social media handles to be consistent?
Is it necessary for my social media handles to be consistent?

Is it necessary for my social media handles to be consistent?

Having a consistent social media handle across all platforms makes it easier for users to find you. It also makes the marketing process smoother and more straightforward. People will be confused if you have different handles for different platforms, such as TheBestCompany, BestCompany, and CompanyBest. They could even send you letters to confirm the brand is the same, which is really disrespectful.

And who wants to remember all of their numerous platform handles? Nobody!

Users will be able to find your business more easily online if you have matching handles, which demonstrates professionalism. Furthermore, it will make the clarity and rememberability of printed marketing materials.

Finding a matching handle on each platform, on the other hand, is not that simple. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones to find it, make it before it’s too late, even if you haven’t yet launched your website, registered your domain, or started your business.


What Should You Do If Your Handle Doesn’t Work on Every Platform?

Let’s say you’ve got the same username on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy, but your Twitter handle is already taken.

The first thing is to determine whether or not the Twitter account is active. If it isn’t, you should ask that person for the username. You’ll be astonished at how powerful this is.

You can also use “.” or “- ” to separate names. Avoid including numbers because it does not appear professional. You can also add words like photos, artist, art, photographer, photography, studio, sculpture, painter, etc. before or after your username to make an abbreviation.

Remember in mind that the maximum number of characters you can use on Twitter and Pinterest is 15, so keep your username short.


Social media handles are a crucial part of any business’s online marketing strategy since they make it easier for people to find you and make you appear more professional. So, pick a brief, memorable username that will endure the test of time, and strive to be consistent across all social media platforms.

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