Red heart on snapchat emoji (❤️️) displays next to someone’s name, it means you’ve been best friends with them for more than two weeks.

As you’re surely aware, Snapchat will place various emojis next to your friends’ names. Each of these emojis has a distinct significance. Furthermore, because they are all based on your current activities, these emojis may expire and disappear.

When you become “best friends” with someone on Snapchat, a yellow heart emoji appears next to their name.

The yellow heart will automatically transform into a red heart if the two of you manage to remain best friends for two weeks.

What is the meaning of the red heart emoji?

The red heart emoji means that you’ve been “best friends” for more than two weeks. It means that you and the other person have been snapping at each other the most frequently.

 As a result, Snapchat has assumed that you and your friend are best friends.

 This is a widely used emoji. As a result, a red heart will appear next to your name for the other person to view.

yellow heart has turned into a red heart
yellow heart has turned into a red heart

Is it true that the yellow heart has turned into a red heart?

Yes. Only two weeks are left on the yellow heart. If the two of you are still best friends after two weeks, Snapchat will change the yellow heart to a red one.

 Consider this: a red heart means more.

How can I remove it?

If you need to get rid of the red heart right away, you’ll have to remove the person as a friend and then re-add them.

Although this may result to an awkward debate regarding why they were removed.

If you have some additional time on your hands, you can simply ignore their snaps and the emoji will gradually disappear.

Another alternative is to send a large person of snaps to someone till they become your new “best friend” on the app.

What happened to the red heart emoji?

If one of you starts snapping at the other more than the other, the red heart will vanish.

This can also happen if one of you takes a break from Snapchat for a few days. To remain the red heart, you must send the most snaps to each other on a regular basis.

This and other emojis are all based on recent events. As a result, if either of you “takes your foot off the pedal,” they will not endure.

Why did it go back to a yellow heart
Why did it go back to a yellow heart?

 Why did it go back to a yellow heart?

It’s possible that this is due to a transient caching problem. That, or for a brief length of time, one of you became best friends with someone else.

Consider the following scenario.

  • You become best friends and get a yellow heart as a result.
  • For two weeks, you were best friends. As a result, the yellow heart became a red one.
  • One of you became best friends with someone else for a day or two.
  • After that, you were once again “best friends.” Snapchat updated its emojis as a result, and it now thinks you’ve only been best friends for a few days.

You’ve both returned to the yellow heart.

I know it’s painful, but you can earn it back.

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