Print-only newspapers are as old as static marketing content. Static digital content is meaningless to the typical reader, just as day-old newspapers are litter in the streets. Because there is so much static marketing content out there, one piece seldom stands out from the rest, causing brands to blend and concepts to fade.

The dynamic element of interactive digital information is something that readers seek. An ion Interactive study looked at the success of interactive posts and how marketers felt about them in general. In terms of effectiveness, 93 percent of marketers believe interactive media is effective at educating buyers and 88 percent believe it is effective in differentiating companies, while static media was only found to be 55 percent effective. Still not convinced? Did you realize that interactive content converts twice as well as static material?

Despite these statistics, many marketers are hesitant to use interactive content. It could be because it has a reputation for being costly and time-consuming. However, this is an unjustified reputation. Creating an interactive post is simple, easy, and even free.

Examples of interactive posts
Examples of interactive posts

Examples of interactive posts:

  • PlayBuzz
  • SlideShare
  • Make a GIF
  • Qzzr
  • Podcasts
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Graphs and charts
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Pull Quotes


The original PlayBuzz site is for the common Internet user who is curious about which Hogwarts house they belong to or who wants to test their knowledge of 1990s television episodes. PlayBuzz’s business site, on the other hand, is designed to let businesses create an interactive feature, embed it in their marketing content, and watch user engagement and their network expand.

You can make free countdowns, polls, personality quizzes, flip cards, trivia, rankable lists, general lists, gallery quizzes, and a swipe voting feature similar to those found in dating apps with PlayBuzz.

Each part has a visually appealing aspect that grabs readers’ attention and communicates information fast. It’s also built for social sharing and keeps people on your page for longer.

When deciding amongst so many options, keep in mind that highly interactive features like as quizzes and swiping are best for social platforms and graphically driven postings, whereas flip cards and polls are best for text-heavy material.

Keep your company’s identity and voice in mind when creating these embeddable features; this will ensure consistency while also providing an additional feature that customers will love. Monitoring the social performance of PlayBuzz content in terms of shares, engagement, and views is the greatest approach to track its success.

PlayBuzz is also quite user-friendly, so you might forget you’re working while experimenting with the design tools and other entertaining features. Take a look at the flip cards we created using it.


Whether it’s from business trainings, college lectures, or group projects, practically every professional has seen or used a slide presentation. Because of its familiarity and rationale, putting information in a compact, easily digestible style is one of the most common marketing, sales, and proposal methods.

SlideShare may be embedded into any blog post and provides readers with a more visual and appealing breakdown of a topic than static lines of text. Try it with an existing post that could use more traffic but still contains useful information.

Take the text from the blog, simplify it for each slide, keep the word count low, include a CTA on the last slide, and embed the feature somewhere in the post. You can include a courteous disclaimer near the top of the slides, such as “Don’t have time to read the rest?” Here’s how we summed it up for you.”

Readers like having a variety of options to consume information, and they appreciate it much more when you understand their limitations. SlideShare turns previously written information into powerful data snippets.

Think about SlideShare as a place to express an idea in a visual and condensed manner, not as a place to put all the information in bullet points. Fitting a lot of information into a slide show could be a good challenge. This activity will help you write succinctly and think creatively about material.

Instead of squeezing a full blog post into a slide show, give the most important points. On SlideShare, graphs, statistics, and rapid thoughts are very effective.

Orly Ballesteros, a business event organizer in the Philippines, created a SlideShare on easy digital marketing for your business in the example below.

Make a GIF
Make a GIF

3. Make a GIF

Whether you say it “JIF” or “GIF,” these small images excel at entertaining and injecting some fun into your digital content. It demonstrates that you are amusing and don’t take yourself too seriously. However, make sure to utilize GIFs sparingly and only when they’re acceptable.

Many websites offer tools for creating your own animated GIFs, as well as a variety of popular ones for every emotion and circumstance. This imagery also calls for BuzzFeed-worthy headlines and captions to go along with your GIFs.

Because of the flashy element and viral tendencies, this type of interactive content does exceptionally well on social media. These characteristics make it simple to track social success by analyzing shares, likes, and engagement.

Make sure the GIF you choose or create has a reference that your audience will understand. You wouldn’t want to utilize a GIF from a popular TV show if your customers are unlikely to recognize it. If your work contains a lot of pop culture references, you can utilize GIFs as often as you like.

GIF-finding websites like GIPHY make the time of finding the perfect GIF short and entertaining, while also providing you with everything you need to share with your audience.

For example, in the GIF below, I simply typed “content marketing” into the search box, found this gem from Mad Men, and copied the embed code into the blog. Easy!


Qzzr is the appropriate tool for further engaging your prospects if the products or services you’re marketing lend themselves to quizzing. You can build a quiz in minutes, embed it in any post, and track the results using this free quiz-making tool. It also includes a WordPress plugin for easy setup.

Customers enjoy putting their knowledge to the test, if only to show off how much they know. They also enjoy revealing bits and pieces of their personalities and discovering new aspects of themselves. Providing these possibilities to your customers through quizzes is the ideal technique to encourage contact and connection.

To avoid tiring your readers, keep your quizzes as brief as feasible. Make sure the answers are specific, and don’t let quiz takers get away with not answering questions. Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a vague response with useless results. And there’s nothing like observing customer interactions and reaping the customers of being particular.

If you want to target specific products or services to your customers as they start their buying process, you may utilize a quiz. Stitch Fix, a fashion-delivery service, requires all first-time customers to complete a fashion quiz to discover which products will appeal to them the most.

You can use this model or a quiz to assess your customers’ knowledge of your sector, current events, and other relevant topics. Quizzes that inform readers which car, building, time period, scientist, politician, 1980s pop star, and so on they are most like are very popular.

The option to integrate Qzzr with CRM systems is a great plus. This feature allows you to track the success of each quiz, extract data from the results, and more precisely and personally target customers.


Podcasts aren’t just for Serial lovers or public radio listeners. For the busy professional, the audio format is a gold mine. It allows multitaskers to consume your material at their leisure. There may not be enough time in the day to read all of the content that circulates in certain industries or interact with specific businesses.

However, if marketers can give professionals a way to get all of the benefits of static content without burying their faces in a computer during their daily commute, they may notice an increase in interest and customer conversation. It’s also great for audio learners, and it’s a lot more relaxed and open environment for bringing guests and commentators together to create productive debate.

Prepare yourself before creating a podcast. Listen to a variety of podcasts to figure out what works for you. It’s also good to consider what length is appropriate. Customers may demand brief dialogue if you’re getting more downloads and listens for shorter episodes. However, if you notice a demand for longer-form podcasts, your customers are likely to appreciate in-depth explorations of specific topics.

Bring in outsiders for a different viewpoint. To break up the monotony of a single program, try incorporating new segments. But, before you give up or celebrate your early success, make sure you get into the swing of podcasting.

You’ll find that as you construct your podcast and find out what works, you’ll be able to alter and evolve it from episode to episode depending on listener comments and performance statistics. It’s crucial to keep your eyes and ears open. Podcasting is about listening as much as it is about talking.

Videos on YouTube
Videos on YouTube

6. Videos on YouTube

Embedding a YouTube video inside your blog post can make it more intriguing, similar to podcasts.

When you include a video, readers can choose to watch the video instead of reading the post. As a result, you won’t lose any readers that prefer video material.

It also makes it easier for readers to scroll through your post and allows them to interact and engage with it.

HubSpot, for example, incorporated a YouTube video into a blog post describing pillar pages and subject clusters in the post below.

7. Graphs and Charts

Charts and graphs are another way to make your blog posts more interactive. Including visualizations in your blog posts will aid your readers in comprehending and analyzing the data.

You can either use visualization tools to make your own charts and graphs or pay a graphics expert to do it for you.

While it may appear to be a difficult undertaking, creating a visualization is actually quite easy. In truth, a basic tool like Excel or Google Sheets may be used to make charts.

Carvill Creative, a UK agency, presents a chart in the example below to help readers visualize the expert viewpoints of leadership.


To emphasize, you should incorporate multimedia elements throughout your blog posts to make them more interactive. Additionally, such aspects make it easier to read, increasing the likelihood that people will read the full post.

Infographics are one tool that can assist you with this. In fact, you can occasionally use an infographic to convey the majority of the information in a blog post.

For example, in this HubSpot blog post, we offered an introduction before allowing the infographic to speak for itself.


9. images

Images are another great way to include interactive components in your blog posts.

To begin with, this aids readers in visualizing what you’re talking. Second, images are simply more interesting to the eye.

This post on The Verge, for example, provides a moving graphic that allows readers to witness a demonstration.

10.Pull Quotes 

A pull quote is a great way to add a basic, interactive design element to your blog posts.

Pull quotes are short passages of text from your blog post that summarize the most crucial points.

Reading a pull quote should pique your reader’s curiosity and make them want to learn more about what you have to offer. If they’re scanning a pull quote, maybe they’ll be enticed to read the rest of the post because it’s so intriguing.

For the time being and in the foreseeable future, interactive content reigns supreme in the marketing world. There’s no doubting that customers want more from a page than a block of text. They want to get involved, learn more, provide comments, and gain a better understanding of the organization.

Just make sure the message is balanced inside the framework, and you should be fine. Trying any of these approaches should result in an increase in engagement and maybe leads without the hassle of using a complicated program, and it won’t cost you a dime.

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