Are you curious as to who has shared your Instagram images on their profile? Then you should read this article, in which we present you to a fantastic tool that allows you to easily trace the accounts that shared your Instagram content. Keep an eye out for more information!

Every day, the digital world expands. People used to only have Facebook, but now we all have at least three different social media apps on our phones. It’s impossible to avoid feeling alienated in today’s fast-paced technological environment.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially now that it has seen a 3.6 percent rise in daily active users in the United States owing to the Coronavirus epidemic. Instagram has become a place to make friends, create a brand, promote businesses, and generate money online in recent years. Likes, comments, saves, DMs, and sharing content are all ways for people to communicate on this platform. Reposting, or “regramming,” as it’s known among Instagram users, is a common occurrence. Many Instagram pages just publish selected content from other accounts. These pages are referred to as “featured pages” by their users.

how to see who sent your instagram post
how to see who sent your instagram post

What’s the best way to find out who shared your Instagram feed post?

You’ll need a business account to view who has shared your Instagram feed post. Regular Instagram users, on the other hand, have no way of knowing who has liked and shared their posts. It’s worth noting that Instagram doesn’t tell who shared your posts; instead, it merely displays the number of times they’ve been shared.

Note: Converting your personal Instagram account to a business account is simple. To switch to a business Instagram account, go to settings, select “Account,” and then tap “Switch to business account” or “Switch to creator account.”

Go to your business Instagram page, open one of your favorite posts, and then tap on “View Insights” to see this number.

You may check the number of people that shared your images under post insights, as you can see. You may also view how many saves, profile visits, and reach that particular post has received.

What’s the big deal about the number of shared posts?

First and foremost, the fact that people were ready to share your post shows how popular and insightful it was. Second, when people post your photo on Instagram, it boosts engagement.

You may undervalue the impact of shared posts on Instagram engagement, but trust us when we say that, because to the Instagram algorithm’s constant changes, shared posts are becoming increasingly important.

How can you see all of your Instagram mentions
How can you see all of your Instagram mentions

How can you see all of your Instagram mentions?

To credit the originating account and avoid any copyright issues, Instagrammers usually mention it on their reused content. In your profile, you’ll see a list of all the posts where you’ve been tagged. However, there are times when people share your photo and merely mention you in the text, resulting in a one-time notification in your app.

Furthermore, if you run an Instagram business, such as selling clothes, people are likely to mention you frequently in their captions and comments. It’s difficult to keep track of and handle all of the posts you’ve mentioned to. So, what options are available to you?

Thankfully, we have a fantastic answer in the form of Instagram management tools like AiSchedul.

So, what exactly is AiSchedul and how does it work? It’s an Instagram management program with a smart planner, a social calendar, a Bio-Link tool, and other features. “Repost Mention,” a new feature, is also available.

You may see all of the posts you’ve mentioned in them in one place using this tool. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: The first step is to create an account with AiSchedul.

To begin, create a free account on AiSchedul. It takes a minute and requires only your name, email, and password.

Step 2: add in your account information (s)

Then add all of your Instagram accounts to your user-friendly dashboard.

Step 3: Check to see if your photo was shared using the repost mention option.

how to see who sent your instagram post
how to see who sent your instagram post

By clicking “Manage Account,” you can now choose the account you want to manage. After that, you’ll notice a toolbar with “Post Scheduling” and “Bio-Link” on it. Select Post Scheduling, then “Repost mention” under the “Scheduler” option.

You might see your own original posts or user-generated content (UGC) shared in this section. For instance, if one of your consumers purchases and uses your products, they may take a photo and publish it on social media while mentioning you. Another fantastic feature of this fantastic tool is that you can easily republish the content with only one click.

This tool’s main goal is to save you time; you may stop worrying about missing any mention among your Instagram alerts and instead check your AiSchedul dashboard.

Last but not least, here’s how to find out who liked and shared your Instagram post.

Instagram is a social networking platform that has a lot of power. You can improve platform administration by utilizing all of this universal platform’s capabilities. In this situation, you can have a better grasp of the level of popularity of your account and much more helpful information by observing who is interested in your content and sharing it.

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