How can I view what videos people have liked on TikTok? This is the significant question that is now trending on Google and other search engines. It’s more enjoyable if you can look at other people’s favorite videos on TikTok to see what they’re into. If you can see that data, you can find and enjoy that stuff, which makes it more enjoyable, and if you’re a TikTok video maker, you must outsmart someone by hijacking their favorite things. But it’s not as simple as it appears. It can be difficult to check someone else’s favorite video on the popular Android or iPhone app at times, and you’ll have to work hard to do so. Here you can know how to see liked videos on tiktok.

Why is this the case? Because many users are aware that these might occasionally act against their best interests, and that a savvy user can take this information by just accessing their TikTok account. This is why some users disabled these capabilities in apps to prevent this identity theft. Don’t worry if you want to know how to see other people’s favorite videos on Tiktok; simply follow the steps below. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to crack the nut. Isn’t it ludicrous?

 So let’s get started.

how to see liked videos on tiktok
how to see liked videos on tiktok

On TikTok, the user needs perform the following to see other people’s favorited videos.

  •  Go to the “Me” tab in the TIkTok App and choose it.
  • Find the Three dot icon from the gear tab, which may be found in the top-right corner of your phone app.
  • Then select the Privacy Button.
  • You must now select “Who can view your liked videos.”

Tik Tok’s privacy policies have just been tightened.

TikTok and other apps were recently banned in India. Tiktok began focusing on more privacy policies and tightening its privacy policies more than ever before after losing millions of users and being banned out of India. Even the United States has taken firm action against these Musically apps.

After blocking this option for new account creators, it appears that the TikTok Short video platform is increasing multiple privacy policies across the board; a clear notice has been disseminated that several more policies are set to roll out shortly.

Is it feasible for new users to see other TikTok users’ favorite videos?

If you previously set “who can view your liked video” to “Friends” or “Everyone,” we regret to inform you that this option will not be enabled again. Unfortunately, there is no option; but, you can allow it to happen by employing that. There will be a slew of substantial modifications that will be implemented in the near future.

What additional options are still available
What additional options are still available

What additional options are still available?

TikTok’s apps were recently suspended and the option of who can see your liked videos was deleted. New users who have just created a Tiktok account, as well as those who already have an account but are unable to check who can view their liked video option, will be unable to do so.

Don’t worry; we’ve got some great news for you.

Tiktok has yet to address certain popular features, such as “Who can Stitch with your videos,” “Who can Duet with your videos,” and “Who may Comment on your Videos,” which are still available to all users.

 Let’s see what Tiktok has to say about it; maybe, they’ll issue an official statement to clarify things up. Why are some crucial and beneficial settings still classified as a mission? It would be impossible to determine the precise reason for this option’s removal or absence from this platform without their formal announcement. Is it because of a policy change, or are they simply resolving a bug? If the latter occurs, it will, ideally, return shortly, but the possibility of the first cannot be overlooked.

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