This post will show you how to pin people on Snapchat and explain what a pinned conversation or person entails.

Note: If you haven’t upgraded to Snapchat’s current version, you won’t be able to pin people or conversations. It will, however, most likely be available for Android cellphones in the future.

Snapchat's current version
Snapchat’s current version

Pinning on Snapchat is simple and can be accomplished with just a few taps within the app. Here’s how to pin someone on snapchat.

  • From the Chat screen, long tap on the name of a Snapchat friend.
  • A menu will appear on the screen. More can be tapped.
  • Use a pin to start a conversation.
  • The thread of your conversation with that friend will now be pinned to the top of your Snapchat Chat screen.
  • At any given time, you can only have three people pinned on Snapchat.

On Snapchat, how do you unpin people?

Because you can only have three pinned pals on Snapchat, you’ll have to unpin someone to make way for someone else sooner or later. Unpinning people on Snapchat is fortunately very simple.

  • Long press the pinned person you wish to unpin on the Snapchat conversation screen.
  • Select More from the popup menu.
  • Press the Unpin Conversation button.

That person’s message will now be unpinned and organized by date alongside the rest of your Snapchat messages. Follow the steps above to unpin any other people you desire.

What Does Snapchat’s “Pin Conversation” Mean?

Pin Conversation
Pin Conversation

You might see Snapchat users referring to “pin conversations,” “pin people,” or “pinned people” on other social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook and wonder what they mean. Conversations or people in a user’s Snapchat app that they’ve pinned to the top of their screens by following the procedures outlined above are referred to as such terms.

Pinning someone on Snapchat has no effect on their account status. People who you pin aren’t even notified about it. Within the Snapchat app, this feature makes it easy to locate a conversation.

How to Change the Look of the Snapchat Pin Icon

You can fully personalize the icon, emoticon, or emoji used to designate a pinned person or conversation, just like you can with most emoji in the Snapchat app.

  • In the Snapchat app, open your profile and tap Settings (tool icon) in the top-right corner.
  • Scroll down to Manage and tap it.
  • Hit the Friend Emojis button.
  • Press the Pinned Conversation button.
  • Tap the emoji you want to use in place of the default pin icon. If you picked it correctly, a tiny gray box should appear around it.

Note: The update will take effect right away. There’s no need to save or validate the modifications.

  • Tap the top-left corner’s Back arrow until the Settings options are entirely closed.
  • Within the app, you should now be able to see your new pinned icon in action.

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