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Without a doubt, Instagram now competes directly with YouTube with this new function. Many YouTubers’ dissatisfaction with the platform is well-known, as the distribution of advantages generated by the content provided by these users is unequal. Now, instead of uploading their videos to YouTube, many of these users will be able to upload them to their IGTV Instagram channel.

Given that many YouTubers have an Instagram profile in addition to their YouTube channel, they may decide to combine their publication channels and begin publishing all of their content on Instagram, where they will be able to publish their videos while continuing their social engagement.

how to delete igtv video
how to delete igtv video

However, anyone with an Instagram account may now create an IGTV channel and upload long-form videos. However, it should be highlighted that the channel’s control and options appear to be lacking, especially when compared to other cloud-based video platforms. Uploading video is straightforward, as is deleting videos from the IGTV channel; however, it should be noted that deleting videos might be challenging, owing to the fact that the choice is somewhat hidden and the UI is not particularly user-friendly.

After that, we’ll show you how to delete videos from your IGTV Instagram channel from an iOS or Android device step by step:

how to delete igtv video on Instagram channel?

Obviously, we’ll assume you already have an Instagram IGTV channel and have published at least one video in this guide. If you match these criteria and want to remove any of the videos from your channel, navigate to the IGTV section of the Instagram app. If you have the specific app, all you have to do is open it.

how to delete igtv video
how to delete igtv video

To access your channel on IGTV, you must first click on your profile image. You’ll see all of the videos you’ve ever published here, so scroll down until you find and choose the one you want to delete.

When you watch this video in full screen mode, you’ll see options to comment, share, and like it. You’ll notice three ellipses next to them, which you must click. This will open up a menu with three options: View statistics, Copy link, and Delete.

Obviously, in this case, we’re interested in hitting the Delete button, which will display a confirmation message, prompting you to click the Delete button as well. The video will be removed from your IGTV Instagram channel when you confirm the action.

It’s worth noting that, as previously stated, while using the delete option, you’ll also have access to the Statistics and Copy Link options. The first of these options will provide you with information about the video’s specific statistics, such as the number of reproductions, Likes, Comments, and public retention.

The Copy Link option, for case, allows you to copy the direct URL to this video from your channel, which you can then share with any other user or platform.

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