We’ll look at how to make aesthetic TikTok video with a variety of editing techniques and simple apps in this article. In no time, you’ll have your own aesthetic videos ready to share! There are numerous strategies to assist make your videos more aesthetic, ranging from special effects to clever filters.

There are a variety of TikTok aesthetics that are becoming more popular, such as the pink aesthetic, and we’ll be learning how to utilize filters for those as well!

aesthetic videos for tiktok

Add with Special Effects

Special effects may really assist add your video a unique twist, and I’d strongly recommend using them to enhance the aesthetic of your videos. Depending on the overall ambience you’re striving for, different effects work best.

 For example, if you have a video with skyscrapers or buildings, you may use glitch effects to make it look incredibly futuristic and almost cyberpunk-like. You might also add a VHS effect and some subtle distortion effects to make it appear more vaporwave-sequel.

 What types of Special Effects Should You Use?

The following are some examples of special effects you could use:

  • Glitch effects: Glitch effects are great for adding a futuristic edge to this!
  • VHS: Add a VHS filter to your video to give it a vintage flavor. This will make your video an overall retro ambience.
  • Sparkles: Use aesthetic sparkles to add a bit of glamor and glamour to your video! Below is a video that demonstrates how to achieve this.
  • Film grain: If you want a retro look, consider adding some film grain to your videos. This will replicate those classic videos we’ve all seen and will give your video an old-fashioned yet aesthetic feel.

InShot, Snow, and 90s are some of the apps that allow you to add these special effects (90s is available for Android only). You may use these apps to make a wide range of spectacular effects. Below are some of my favorite smartphone apps for making TikTok videos that are both aesthetic and entertaining.

Text with an Aesthetic Font
Text with an Aesthetic Font

Text with an Aesthetic Font

If you want to create an aesthetic video, I recommend using fonts that match the ambience you want to achieve.

 The graphic below includes several very aesthetic typefaces like Nine by Five and Arialle. If you don’t have Arialle, you might consider Arial, which is a great option.

 Text effects, such as adding a text shadow behind the text, could potentially be used to further enhance the aesthetic. This effect can be seen in the graphic below on all of the instances, including the Calistoga font, which has a crimson text shadow below the text.

 Pastel font colors, such as light pink, beige, and sky blue, can also look great as a whole. These will add the video a mild and soft aesthetic, and they’ll go well with other special effects and retro overlays.

 You might even attempt to recreate a specific aesthetic in your videos! For example, if you like the purple aesthetic, you could add a purple filter to your video along with some particle effects and sparkles for a magical touch.

 Why not add some special effects to your video, such as glitch effects, if you prefer the neon aesthetic? It would add the video’s overall aesthetic a futuristic and unique touch!

 There are many different aesthetics to pick from, such as the pink aesthetic, pastel aesthetic, and so on.

Apps for mobile devices are now available.

InShot and Vivacut are two examples of smartphone apps that can assist you filter and modify your videos.

 To get you started, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite apps.

Vivacut Vivacut Vivacut (iOS and Android)

Vivacut, which is available for both Android and iOS, is the first mobile app I’d recommend for aesthetic cuts and gorgeous effects. This app makes it simple to join videos, apply beautiful transitions between them, and apply charming filters and effects.

What’s great about this app is that it supports TikTok scaling, so if you want to export your video to TikTok, this app makes it simple. It’s useful if you’re going to be posting to TikTok on a regular time and don’t want to constantly resize your videos.

Decade of the 90s (Android only)
Decade of the 90s (Android only)

Decade of the 90s (Android only)

You may use the 90s app to apply a wide range of special effects, overlays, and filters to your videos. This app has been my go-to video editor for a long time due to its comprehensive feature set. I really love how quickly and simply you can apply text to your videos.

 VHS filters, glitch effects, and retro filters are among my favorite effects given by this app. If you’re seeking for a great Android app to help you make aesthetic TikTok videos, I’d highly recommend it!

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